Director, Producer, Writer, Cimatographer, and Editor


Shugo Fujii started his career from early age as a child actor. He started making films with his father's Super-8 camera when he was nine years old. After graduating a junior high school, he went to United States alone to become a film director, and gained a Bachelor's degree at California Institute of the Arts in 1998. In the year of 2000, he made feature debut with the horror film titled "LIVING HELL" which was produced by one of the most famous musician in Japan named TSUNKU.  As a film maker, he had been inactive for 9 years, but he came back into the business this year. All his works are suspense or horror.


Executive Producer



He is a legendary producer. He started his career as a producer in the 1970s and has produced many legendary TV dramas including "Detective Story" and "key Hunter." I

n 1974, he was awarded the Art Prize by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.





She started her career as a manager for actor's agent. After serving as a producer's assistant in numerous major films, she made her own debute as a producer in "Red Line Crossing".





He learned the violin at the Solomia Krushelnizka music high school in Ukraine and gradulated Benedetto marcello music university in Venice at the chief at the violin. He came to Japan in 2012 and is working on corporate events and sound production at clubs. Now he is active in Italy.


Special Make-UP & Effects



She made a debut with this film, while active as an actress. She is taking advantage of the special makeup that she was interested before. Who she respects is Tom Savini. She is aiming for an artist who can act and brows out somebody's brain.